Skagen Winter Swimming Festival

The Winter swimmers, the "Icebreakers" (Isbryderne), hosts the yearly Skagen Winter Swimming Festival. The event is organized in cooperation with the local Tourist Board Turisthus Nord.

The Skagen Winter Swimming Festival welcomes all true Vikings and guarantees ice cold sea dips, hot drinks, a close encounter with the unique nature of Skagen and a varied program.

Each morning starts of course with a morning sea swim for all participants at "Sønderstrand" near "Grenen". 

The Winter Weather in Skagen is raw and gritty, and the winter swimmers therefore put their courage to the test when they meet the ice cold wind and waves. But the atmosphere is fantastic and invigorating! After the cold swim hot soup is served by Jacob's Café.

Do you want to know more about the event or sign up as a participant, please contact The Icebreakers by mail: from 1. November 2021. 

Welcome to Skagen Winter Swimming Festival 2022, we look forward to see you!