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Gammel Kongevej 41

1610 København V


Award-winning designer Silas Adler and CEO Jacob Kampp Berliner are the fiery souls behind Soulland – probably one of Copenhagen’s most popular menswear brands.

With a contemporary take on Scandinavian artisanship, Soulland aims to push menswear forward in a new direction. Their style combines legacy with innovation, which is perfectly represented in Soulland’s signature hat – a traditional men’s fedora that, hold on now, is fused with a baseball cap brim – classy and street at the same time, right? That actually sums up Soulland pretty well.

Soulland’s flagship store can be found in hip Vesterbro at the popular shopping street Gammel Kongevej. The store hosts both launch events and “Soulland Sound” concerts in-store with Danish and international artists.

Behind the brand

Since its beginning in 2002, Soulland has become an internationally acknowledge brand, and has been featured in prestigious medias such as The New York Times, Euroman, GQ and ID Magazine.

Soulland is also more than just a fashion brand – it’s a concept, or a lifestyle if you will. At their website, you’ll find interviews and posts about topics and cultures that the Soulland team finds interesting. At the “Curated section”, they feature inspirational people that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with Soulland, but are just admirable, doing what they do.

The website even won an award at Creative Circle Awards 2014.


Gammel Kongevej 41

1610 København V

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