Sporet ved Gråsten Nor

The trail at Gråsten Nor is a walking trail of 8 km, where you can enjoy nature with its animals and plants at your own pace.

In Gråsten Nor there is a hiking trail of approx. 8 km. Of course, you do not have to go all the way around, and there are several places to start. Many start at the airport (Dorotheadalsvej 11, 5960 Marstal) others at the parking places at Drejet (Drejet 4, 5970 Ærøskøbing)

There is the opportunity to enjoy nature with its animals and plants at one's own pace and perhaps make a trip to the Kragnæs playroom.

In May, Gråsten Nor has the view of up to 60,000 blooming wild orchids - the so-called May orchid

Because of its rarity, the majgogen clock is protected and must not be picked or digged up - but You are very welcome to take a photo.

Hiking & cycling map of Ærø