SportsPark Blaavandshuk - Svømmehal

Large swimmingpool - 25 m long with a depth of 4 m plus 1 m and 3 m springboard. (27 degrees).
Fun climbingwall directly by the pool.
Large hotwaterpool (34 degrees) with waterfall, massagenozzles, waterslide and toys to play with.
Wonderful, large spa with room for 8 people.

Huge bathingarea:
With westjutlands tallest and longest waterslides.
Babypool (34 degrees) with waterfall and a funny clown - water dept 30-100 cm.
Spa for 6 people.
Furthermore there is a relaxation area under a large glaspyramide.

Admission fee:
children aged 3 - 14 DKK 40,00
adult DKK 70,00

10 trip reduced price for children: DKK 275,00
10 trip reduced price for adults: DKK 475,00