Stutteri Vestkysten

Stutteri Vestkysten can offer a variety of interesting rides on our 30 Icelandic horses. We cater for complete novices as well as thoose who have ridden a bit before, and the really experienced.
We lay in the mittle of Denmarks moost beatifully, westly nature by Blaabjerg Plantage, 3 km from Henne Strand.

Wonderful open riding country. The rides go through unbroken miles of pinewoods and beachgroves, through sanded-up forrests of dwarf oak, and over Lyngbo Moor, a huge heath and bird sanctuary. The sea is only three miles away, and ride along the beach or a headlong gallop along miles of firm sand is a rare old thrill.

Leaders. The ride leaders are specially chosen and trained. They have a good knowledhe of foreign languages and long riding experience, and will pick just the rigth mount for each rider.

The stud has delivered riding and breeding horses to Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Switzerland.