Sweater House

Sweater House has a large selection of quality knitwear in 100% wool from all over the Nordic region

If you are looking for knitwear for ladies, men and children of really good quality, Sweater House in Hillerød is the place to go.

In the shop at 1 Slangerupgade, which is almost next door to Frederiksborg Castle, and in the web shop you will find a large selection of knitwear from some of the leading manufacturers in the Nordic countries: Bonner of Ireland, Börjesson, Cushendale, Dale of Norway and others. These include sweaters, hats, mittens, headbands, scarves, socks, felt shoes and boots for the whole family.

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In addition, tourists are offered a wide selection of souvenirs in the store i Slangerupgade.