Vingsted Historic Workshop

Vingsted Historic Workshop and Vingsted Iron Age Centre is an educational and cultural centre offering activities for schools and groups. Everyone with an interest in history is welcome to visit the Iron Age village. The Iron Age environment in Vingsted is located in a scenic area between Vingsted Lake and Vejle River.

Here you can experience:

- A number of reconstructed Iron Age farms complete with workshops
- Public events where you can work the land the way Iron Age farmers did as well as try old crafts
- Take part in ceremonies and feed the animals

Keep an eye on events on the Vejle Museums website and in the local press.

The Iron Age settlement is surrounded by forest, meadows and a lake. Members of the public are welcome to visit the site as long as they pay due consideration to any activities taking place. Vingsted Lake is one of Denmark’s great Iron Age weapon sacrifice deposits. The finds from Vingsted Lake are exhibited at the Culture Museum Spinderihallerne in Vejle.

Opening hours:

The area is always accessible, but the Iron Age houses are only open due to public events.

Vingsted Historic Workshop and Vingsted Iron Age Centre is part of VejleMuseerne. A flyer is issued with information about the activities of the month. The flyer is available at the tourist office and at museums and exhibition centres. It can also be accessed at