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Visit Denmark's largest winery on Røsnæs

This year's vintage has finalized successfully. However, you can still visit Dyrehøj Vingaard, come for a walk in the vineyard, visit the winery and taste the wines. 

Before the tour, it is possible to enjoy a delicious lunch, ‘Winemakers Board’, in Café Dyrehøj from 11 am. The visit to the winery starts at 14h and takes around two hours.  
After the tour, we recommend a visit to our well-stocked wineshop - we have lots of tasty gift ideas. We are open every Sunday until the 29th of December. 

Price: 270 DKK per guest (lunch included).


Distillery and winery
The old stables have been re-done and contain now a full modern winery. All the different stages of the wine making are handled at the winery and all the processes are followed closely by the owner in cooperation with a professional winemaker.

Dyrehojgaard, where the brand RÖS is created, has a hundred year old history as a traditional farm on Roesnaes, but today it is mainly a vineyard. Tom Christensen bought the farm in 2007 and planted the first wine plants in 2008. The first two species were mainly Solaris and Cabernet Cortis and selected in corporation with the Staatliches Wineinstitute in Freiburg, Germany. Today the wine area covers around 10 hectares with approx. 30.000 plants being the largest wine producer in Denmark. The main varieties are Solaris, Muscaris, Johanniter and Souvignier Gris as the white selection and the red variety is Cabernet Cantor.