Walking Tour: A trek around Hasselø 3.5 km

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Hiking route - A trek around Hasselø 3.5 km
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Hasselø (2) is situated just south of Nykøbing Falster. Travel south along the Guldborg Sound and further along Hasseløvej, through Hasselø Orchard (estate). Then take the gravel road on the right out towards the low dike.
There is a car park on the outside of the dike. As its name suggests, Hasselø was formerly an island, which became connected to the mainland as result of the damming of the cove in the 17th century. Take the picturesque path past a row of old willow trees southward along the coast with a scenic view out to the islands of Flatø and Kalvø.

Flatø (3) was once a collection of cultivated smallholdings, but nowadays it is covered by forest. The island is privately owned. The path leads up to a cliff surrounded by overgrown shrubberies and offers panoramic view of Lolland and the Priorskov estate. Note the large white stone by the coast outside the estate. It is called Hvidemær (the white mare) (4).

Herring gulls flock around Kalvø (5), however there are also mute swans, grey geese and diverse duck species on the island. The island is collectively owned by Hasseløs farmers. Remember your binoculars. There is no access to the island. The path ends by the road on the outskirts of Hasselø town, which was previously a humble country village with a few farms, fisherman cottages and a few artist residences; however the town now contains a number of fashionable villas. You can return by following the road northwards; however, it is much more pleasant to take the path back.