Wedding Island, Fanø

Get Married in Denmark

Celebrate your destination wedding by the breath taking North Sea, in wonderful Copenhagen or in picturesque, southern Denmark.

Getting married in Denmark has never been more popular.

Forget about other countries’ bureaucracy – lean back and relax – and let us help you to avoid a bumpy road and allow you to just focus on what is supposed to be something nice.

Get the legal bond, sweet and quick or combine the tying of the knot with a romantic destination wedding.

Over the years we have learnt from our couples, so to ensure you have a wonderful and stress-free experience, we are only working with Town Halls which are easy to reach wheter you wish to travel by plane, car, bus or train.

Furthermore, we have created a special product range

at these locations:

  • Southern Danish Border Weddings
  • North Sea Beach Weddings
  • Copenhagen City Weddings

We can help you plan the perfect day!!