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Wellness at Hotel Sidesporet

Photo: Hotel Sidesporet
A cozy hotel in Holbæk with a view of the fjord, and a unique wellness experience in the Turkish bath in Holbæk. 

Ahlgade 1B

4300 Holbæk

Hotel Sidesporet is centrally located in Holbæk with a view of the fjord. From the hotel you can walk to the historical ships on the harbour of Holbæk, the fjord, the main shopping street, Holbæk Museum, Holbæk station and many other attractions.

In Danish the word ”Sidesporet” means “the sidetrack”, because this is the place, where you will be sidetracked from your busy everyday life – you will forget about it for a while - and enjoy the easy-going atmosphere at the hotel. A true experience of Danish hygge.

The hotels friendly personal is always ready to help you and advice you and the many attractions in the area. The hotel also has its own restaurant and a cozy courtyard, where you can enjoy the different meals of the day.

Wellness-getaway at Hotel Sidesporet

Hotel Sidesporet owns the unique Turkish Bath in Holbæk. Therefore, you can book a wellness-getaway with unlimited access to the Turkish bath. The Turkish bath is a true spa experience. Slip into the warm water of the outdoor pool, from which you have a beautiful view of the fjord; enjoy a drink and some fruit in a cozy indoor area; and treat yourself with a massage.  


Ahlgade 1B

4300 Holbæk





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