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Copenhagen - liveable city

Copenhagen is a captivating, friendly city where your senses can roam and where there's always something wonderful around the next corner. The city has that Nordic sense of cool but also the warm, lived-in quality of a city where people come first.

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The ultimate green traveller’s guide to Copenhagen

The city’s climate strategy Copenhagen is to be the world's first CO2 neutral capital by 2025 and this has the full support of the Copenhageners as a green vibe flows through every corner of the city.

Denmark – quality time for families

Short distances, wide-open nature and the many educational and fun family activities in Denmark allow holidaymakers to enjoy quality experiences with something for everyone.

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The Vikings are back!

Denmark’s Viking heritage centres and markets are popular attractions where history is brought back to life. Here families can taste Viking food and watch craftspeople and warriors in action.

Sea, sand and food...

If you love sea, sand and great food, you'll love Denmark. Denmark is a land of more than 400 islands and 4700 miles of coast line. In Denmark you are never more than 30 miles from the sea. And whether you choose to visit Denmark in summer or winter, the sea is always part of the bigger picture. Island hopping and seaside inns and hotels dotted along the pristine coast and nestled among the rolling woodlands are popular ways of experiencing the ever present sea in Denmark.

From North Sea bounty to the wild game of the Arctic, the philosophy of the New Nordic Cuisine is one of honest gastronomy and regional flavour. In recent years, the famous restaurant Noma in Copenhagen with the equally famous chef René Redzepi have spread the word about the New Nordic Kitchen across the world. But Nordic cuisine and local produce of high quality are not limited to Copenhagen. Across Denmark, you can enjoy gourmet food, regional produce or maybe one of the famous Danish open-faced sandwiches, called "smørrebrød".

Mindblowing Meetings

The Danish approach to most things in life, including how to play host to meetings and conferences, is quite liberating; open-minded and competent citizens, easy accessibility, modern infrastructure and highly advanced meeting facilities.

Combine these vital meeting ingredients with a high degree of sustainability, award-winning chefs, designers and architects and the creation of the innovative "Meetovation"  concept - and you’ve got a unique recipe for how to create successful and inspiring meetings with a high return on investment in Denmark.

Let the Danes mind your meeting

MINDblowing Meetings is the story about our unique Danish way of designing meetings. It is about our Danish "movement" fighting for engaging and innovative meetings whilst ensuring a high, measurable Return on Meeting Investment.