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First-ever international Meetovators receive diploma in Copenhagen

11 pioneering meeting planners and key MICE media with an interest in the noted Danish meeting design concept Meetovation, were off to Denmark on 2-4th December 2013 to become the first-ever certified 'Meetovators' from abroad!
Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The first class of certified Meetovators from abroad attended a 2-day training course in the Danish capital on 2-4th December to focus on how to energize their clients' meetings and increase their Return on Meeting Investment.

The Meetovator – a strategic and innovative meeting planner

The Danish Meetovation course aims at training meeting planners in thinking more strategically and to use a set of key elements that can contribute strongly to the optimization of a company's or clients' messages, values and objectives at any given meeting, conference or other type of business event. The Meetovators will learn new tools on how to actively involve participants at meetings, use creative set-ups and facilities, embrace responsible thinking in meetings and processes and thereby learn more about how to ensure a much greater return on investment for the organizer as well as the participants.

The attendees are introduced to a wide range of tangible tools and techniques useful for challenging and brainstorming with key decision-makers and clients in order to develop meetings with a higher return on investment and to visualize meetings as an investment, rather than an additional cost.

Steen Møller, Head of Business Tourism for VisitDenmark, comments:

- Since its tentative beginnings, VisitDenmark has been actively involved in developing and promoting the Danish Meetovation concept. We are thrilled that it has been praised as a pioneering concept within its field on a global scale. There are more than 200 certified Meetovators within the Danish Meetings Industry with the numbers still rising. Now we can add international meeting planners to list of trained Meetovators and that, to us, is the best endorsement of the Danish concept we can ask for.

The international Meetovation training course at VisitDenmark's head office in Copenhagen was facilitated by Ann Hansen, CEO of Concept+Competence, who also runs the official Danish Meetovation training programme and is an expert in strategic thinking and creating meetings with powerful activities that lead to valuable results as well as Bo Krüger, Cand.Mag, Writer, Actor, Teacher, Lecturer and Co-founder of Moving Minds, and an expert in creative processes, improvisation and new learning methods in meetings and conferences.

Following the Meetovation course, a selection of the attendees stayed on in Copenhagen to join another 56 international meeting planners and MICE media on VisitDenmark and Wonderful Copenhagen's hugely popular annual MINDevent on 4-6th December, which was also based on the principles of the Danish Meeting Design concept.

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