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In the last 10 years, the world has experienced a culinary revolution originating in Denmark. New Nordic Cuisine has taken us all by storm with René Redzepi’s Noma repeatedly being Number One on the list of the world’s 50 best restaurants. However, there is no need to get on a waiting list to experience what’s (literally) on everyone’s lips. Everywhere in Denmark, foodies can expect to be blown away by the next generation of Danish chefs and their quest for new, local recipes to delight us. Not to mention the more traditional classics experiencing a real revival. A good example is the traditional Danish lunch 'smørrebrød'; a delicately garnished open sandwich on dark rye bread, which is available in every city all over Denmark (oh and recently also on Manhattan, in London and in Tokyo. We told you; it’s a revolution).


Take a big bite of Denmark
For culinary clients Copenhagen is fantastic, but Denmark has a lot more to offer than the capital cuisine. Three hours (by train or car) from Copenhagen, the second-largest city of Denmark, Aarhus, can also boast of three Michelin stars for restaurants Frederikshøj, Substans and Gastromé. Aarhus is easily accessible by plane or by train and is certain to delight your clients with its rich cultural scene, vibrant shopping and star-decorated gastronomy. Also Funen and Southern Jutland have put themselves on the map when it comes to surprising, Scandinavian slow-food.

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Did you know that …

Denmark is the home of several micro-breweries, many of which are open to visitors.

You can live the Danish fairy tale and soak up some history at one of the many Danish castles and manor houses

You can find inspiration at a variety of different Danish food festivals in 2015

BBC Lifestyle’s TV series ’Nordic Cookery’ presents 4 programs about traditional Danish cooking

The Danish national dish, ’Classic Danish’, is Crispy Pork with Parsley Sauce

DK has developed its own ’Smørrebrød’ app

Selected annual food festivals
Bryggebroen - Copenhagen

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