Denmark sets a new Michelin record in 2015

Denmark sets a new Michelin record in 2015

Until February 2015, Copenhagen was the only Danish city to receive the attention of the Michelin guide but this year sees the launch of a new 'Guide Michelin Nordic Cities' which allows for including also Denmark's second largest city, Aarhus. Newcomer Aarhus boasts three one star restaurants.
Thursday, February 26, 2015
Guide Michelin’s guide 'Nordic Cities' has just been announced, awarding its coveted stars to restaurants in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
Once again, Copenhagen has set a new record with 18 Michelin stars divided among 15 restaurants in and around the capital - compared to 17 stars to 15 restaurants in 2014. As well as the prestigious stars, Copenhagen has been awarded 10 Bib Gourmands, given to good restaurants with affordable prices.
As well as beating its own record from 2014, Copenhagen is therefore once again well ahead of the other Scandinavian capitals this year, maintaining its position as the Nordic region’s gastronomic capital.
Until now Copenhagen has been the only Danish city to receive the attention of the French guide as one of five Scadinavian cities included in the 'Main Cities of Europe' guide, but 2015 sees the launch of a new guide focusing on Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The new 'Guide Michelin Nordic Cities 2015’ however, also includes also Denmark's second largest city, Aarhus, in the Michelin universe and newcomer Aarhus boasts three one star restaurants and 2 Bib Gourmands.
Says international director of marketing, Mrs. Maria Barslund of VisitDenmark:
- Especially the new Nordic cuisine is positioning Denmark as one of Europe’s top new gourmet destinations and more and more Danish chefs have ambitions and skills that are internationally recognized. This year, Copenhagen once again solidifies its position as gastronomic capital and Aarhus enters the Guide Michelin universe. I hope that the Michelin rating of restaurants in Aarhus will be the first step of redrawing the culinary map of Denmark and that restaurants from other parts of the country will find their way into 'Michelin Nordic Cities' as the guide concept develops in the years to come. 
Mrs. Barslund underlines, that there are a number of restaurants across the country that Danish food critics and other who are in the gastronomic know regard as having Michelin star potential. Several Bib Gourmands would granted as well if the Michelin Guide went for a gastronomic ride in Denmark. 
A major gastro-year ahead in both Copenhagen and Aarhus
The new Michelin stars and guides augment an already packed gastro calendar in Copenhagen and Aarhus. 
The Copenhagen Cooking food festival, which is the largest of its kind in Northern Europe, takes place for the eleventh time this summer and is expected to draw more than 100,000 visitors from Denmark and abroad to Copenhagen during August 21-30 2015.
The festival FOOD Festival taking place for the fifth time in 2015 in Aarhus during September 4. - 6. Both food festivals are busy planning the programmes for this year's ambitious food festivals and are delighted that the Guide Michelin 2015 has re-confirmed Denmark's strong position as a gastronomic frontrunner and a 'must go' destination for foodie lovers worldwide.
About Guide Michelin
Guide Michelin was founded in 1900 as handbooks for motorists but became the benchmark of good food after the introducing a star-rating system in 1926, publishing regular updates on thousands of restaurants in a list of countries.

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Michelin starred restaurants in Copenhagen, 2015:

Noma (2 stars) 
Geranium (2 stars)
• AOC (2 stars) NEW!

Grønbech & Churchill (1 star)
Relæ (1 star)
Den Røde Cottage (1 star)
Søllerød Kro (1 star)
Era Ora (1 star)
Kiin Kiin (1 star)
Kokkeriet (1 star)
Formel B (1 star)
Kadeau (1 star)
Clou (1 star)
Marchal (1 star)
Studio (1 star)

Michelin starred restaurants in Aarhus, 2015:

• Frederikshøj (1 star) NEW! 
• Gastromé (1 star) NEW!
• Substans (1 star) NEW!

Bib Gourmand rated Restaurants in Copenhagen, 2015:

Marv & Ben
Frederiks Have
Kødbyens Fiskebar
• Restaurant Melee
• L'Altro antiristorante

Bib Gourmand rated Restaurants in Aarhus, 2015:

Hærværk NEW!
Pondus NEW!

Danish restaurants outside Copenhagen and Aarhus with Michelin star potential:

Babette in Vordingborg
Dragsholm Slot in Hørve
Falsled Kro in Millinge
Frederiksminde in Præstø
Henne Kirkeby Kro in Henne
Ruths Gourmet in Skagen