Good food in Denmark - on a shoestring

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

You don’t need to spend a fortune or stay at Denmark’s gourmet seaside hotels to experience the luxury of Denmark’s best culinary offerings. Here are six great culinary experiences in Denmark that won’t break the bank:

• Skagen harbour: Try the butter-fried plaice, langoustine and the ubiquitous local fried fish balls at the harbourside fishermen’s huts-turned-restaurants with sand-strewn floors and sun-kissed outdoor seating. Such as Skagen Fiskerestaurant (Danish only) 

• Smokehouses (nationwide): Almost every fishing town has one – a smokehouse where you can try seafood delicacies fresh out of the smouldering kiln. Most smokehouses have picnic benches. Among the heritage smokehouses are those on Bornholm, such as in Hasle.

Copenhagen Dining Week (week 42) and Aarhus Gastro Week (5-15 February 2015) feature gourmet dining experiences at cut-rate prices at restaurants citywide. The Copenhagen event includes some of the city’s top restaurants. The Aarhus Gastro Week is advertised on their festival Facebook page.

• Wayside stalls: throughout the summer, wayside stalls along the nation’s country roads sell garden fruit and vegetables – not least at island destinations such as Læsø and Ærø. Simply make your pick and drop a few coins in the tin. Try the sweet peas, strawberries and apples!

• Farm shops: Organic farms and artisanal producers of meats, dairy products and fruit preserve. Nationwide you’ll find farm shops offering a taste of the land, such as the dairy shop and café at Knuthenlund – an old manor farm and producer of some of Denmark’s finest goat cheeses (see the culinary festival list for more information) 

• Food stands at medieval and Viking festivals: many of Denmark’s heritage festivals feature local artisanal food markets and food stands that let you experience authentic delicacies and historic specialities, such as at the Danhof Market in Nyborg, which offers free admission. 

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