The Good Luck Troll: A Danish Phenomenon

The Good Luck Troll took the world by storm in the 1960s and the 1990s and you've probably got one or two packed away at home. But though you know the Good Luck Troll (or Troll Doll), you probably don't know where they popped up from, all those years ago. With a new Trolls film bringing the Good Luck Troll back into the limelight, it's time to delve into the mystery behind the original troll doll. A mystery that starts in the remote north of Denmark...

Did you know the Good Luck Troll is nearly 90 years old?

In the 1930s, on the northern shores of the Limfjord in North Jutland, a poor woodcarver created a simple gift for his daughter, Lila, out of local wood. Thomas Dam, the son of a fisherman, created a troll in his image, using wool for hair and the first Good Luck Troll, or Troll Doll, was born. Thomas Dam wanted his troll dolls to be different from traditional Scandinavian myths, where they were either angry, bad or dangerous.

The Good Luck Troll: Ugly but in a good way!

Soon, everyone in the small town of Gjøl, where Thomas Dam and his family lived, wanted a handmade troll doll. For a few years, Thomas made troll dolls using natural local materials, then in the 1950s, he began production of the Good Luck Troll as we know it today, from the Dam Troll factory in Gjøl. The Good Luck Troll brough cute and ugly together in a combination that people adored.

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You can fly to Aalborg International Airport to start exploring the natural North of Denmark. Alternatively, you can take the train from Copenhagen or hire a car to visit the home of the Trolls!

Good Luck Trolls: Have you still got yours?

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