Haraldskær Forest

Haraldskær Forst is situated west of Vejle. The forest is richly varied with old and new forest, deciduous and coniferous forest, hills, bogs and waterholes, dense stand and open spaces, which allow you to enjoy a magnificent view of the valley of Vejle Ådal.  

The woods include several forests, each with their individual characteristics.
Helligkilde Forest, which is an overgrown spring bog full of old birch trees. One of the legends tells that a blind man regained his sight after having washed himself in a spring in the forest. 

Lilleskoven is a protected pristine sanctuary for otters, which can build their dams and homes in peace. Nørre Plantage with its moist, bushy habitats is a favourite place for nightingales.
Ballegab Skov stretches from Kvak Mølle (watermill) to the west between Fabriksvej and Bindeballestien, which is an attractive cycling and hiking route along the old Vandel Railway. The ruins of the old watermill take us back to a time when there were many such mills along the river. Close by there is a primitive campsite with a campfire hut and shelters.

Vejle River provides grounds for a richly varied birdlife. Snipes and ducks dominate the area, but also heron, common buzzard and kite are often spotted and the stork comes to visit every summer. The woods are also the home of deer and one of Denmark's largest populations of badgers.  

In the Queens bog "Dronningens Mose”, a female body from the iron-ages was found during peat-digging. The initial assumption was that the body was the lost Queen Gunhild from the Viking-ages. However, the Danish National Museum found that the woman was an ordinary female from year 490 B.C. Maybe she committed an offence of some kind, as she was found executed and tied down with wooden hooks in the bottom of the bog. Queen Gunhild lies in Vejle Museums - Cultural Museum Spinderihallerne in Vejle.  

Haraldskær Manor was mentioned the fist time in 1434. The current main building is from 1536. Today, the place is run as conference centre and hotel.      

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