Hellevad Church

Hellevad Church located in bells approximately 14 km South-East from holm Brønderslev.

Hellevad Church is a typical stone built church from the 12th century. The Church is consecrated to St. Nicholas. Just north of the Church is an ancient holy well, St. Nelaus source.

The tower is from the 14th century and the letters PSF DGT 1759 on the Tower's South side, stands for Peter Dtendeldt (owner of the farm Clas Holm, who owned the Church from 1736, and Janet Grundersdatter T. The Church was very early self-governing, for years 1850.

There is a church bell from 1552 the cast of Las Klockesteber. The ship has beamed ceilings, while there is a gothic vault from the Church's construction.

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Møllebrovej 1A
9320 Hjallerup


+45 98284056



Longitude : 10.153468999
Latitude : 57.213258