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Small is beautiful

Photo: Martin Heiberg, Daniel Rasmussen / Copenhagen Media Center

Size matters. When you're planning a weekend break, Copenhagen's small footprint makes it easy to put together a holiday that ticks all the boxes. For castles, coastlines, city life, cycling, high concept food, and plenty more, look no further. It's all just a bike ride away.

Ready when you are

We're here to sprinkle some inspiration into your travel dreams - for whenever you're ready to travel again. Flaky, buttery pastries and calming paddleboarding. Renaissance castles and colourful city life. Sandy beaches and cobbled streets. It's time to discover the ingredients that make a visit to Copenhagen a little more special than the average city break destination. Your perfect trip is just a short hop away.


Food for thought

There's more to Copenhagen's food scene than Danish pastries and ryebread. Join us for a tour of the city's historic bakeries, street food hang-outs, Michelin-starred hotspots and hot dog stands.

Dreaming of design

Less is more when it comes to Danish design - but more is more when it comes to exploring it in Copenhagen. From award-winning modern architecture to crenellated castles, street art and striking streets, immerse yourself in colour this autumn.

Shopping to make you smile

You're going to need a bigger bag. From design powerhouses to specialist boutiques lining cobbled streets, fashion brands and food markets, Copenhagen's shopping scene is unique.

Find your private oasis

Discover green spaces all over the city. From paddleboarding to beaches, royal parks and nature reserves, there are so many ways to enjoy nature in the heart of Copenhagen.

Now for something unexpected...

How about the Danish weather? Fortunately, whether it's raining, snowing, windy or sunny, there's always something to do.





Corona-safe travels

Find out about the latest guidelines for entry into Denmark and how to act once you're here.

Photo: Martin Heiberg - Copenhagen Media Center

What's happening in Copenhagen right now?

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