Heritage travel to Denmark

Discover your Danish heritage

If your ancestors originally came from Denmark visiting the country of your ethnic roots could very well be the trip of your life. Whether you know a little or a lot about your Danish ancestor or ancestors, this page is designed to give help you trace your Danish roots, and you a good impression of what life was like for your relative – and perhaps even inspire you to make the trip to the Old Country yourself.

Visit Denmark and walk in the footsteps of your ancestors.

Fairy-tale Kingdom

Come and wonder at a really regal nation. Denmark is full of castles, manor houses and formal gardens to be visited. Get up close to Danish royalty of the past and present at famous castles such as Kronborg and Egeskov. You can visit the homes of Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik and Queen Margrethe. Or stay in a castle yourself!

Princess Mary and Prince Frederik

Get to Know the Danish Royal Family

Denmark was founded in the 10th century by Viking kings Gorm the Old and Harald Bluetooth. Find out more about Danish royalty here!

Danish castles and manor houses

A Noble History: Castles and Manor Houses

Denmark is one of the oldest monarchies in the world and its long legacy is preserved in its many castles, manor houses, and gardens.

Trace your Danish roots and heritage

1.5 million Americans list themselves as having Danish ancestry. Are you one of them? Maybe you have a a Danish sounding family name or a family heirloom that might be Danish. Explore your Danish roots here. 

Danish Immigration to US

1.5 million Americans lists themselves as having Danish ancestry. Are you one of them? 

Trace your Danish Family Name

Jensen, Christensen, Rasmussen and Nielsen

Many Americans with Danish heritage also have family names originating from Denmark.

Unique Danish heritage

Denmark is a country surrounded by water and the sea has played an important part in shaping its past. Explore prehistoric treasures in the brand new Moesgaard Museum and see the rich and varied history Denmark has to offer.

Hans Christian Andersen

In Hans Christian Andersen's Footsteps

Follow in the footsteps of Hans Christian Andersen and delve deeper into fairy-tale Denmark at these fastinating sites.

Maritime heritage Denmark

Maritime Heritage

Get onto the water and experience real Danish maritime history. Here are some places you can discover Denmark on the high seas.

Roskilde viking ship

Danish Vikings

See where in Denmark the Vikings left their mark!