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Whether you are tracing your Danish ancestors or just interested in learning more about Danish immigration to the US, this is where to start.

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How much do you know about your Danish heritage and where your Danish ancestors came from? Maybe you have a Danish-sounding surname such as Hansen, Nielsen or Christiansen? Maybe you have an old photo of your Danish ancestors immigrating to United States or perhaps and old Danish family heirlooms like a Danish pancake pan or Royal Copenhagen silver wear - and want to learn more about your Danish ancestors and heritage. 

Researching your Danish ancestors is a great first step to ensuring your trip to Denmark is an unforgettable journey. Discovering details about your family history and heritage will enable you to not just visit Denmark, but to travel to the exact location where your Danish ancestors came from and learn more about who they were. Perhaps your Danish ancestors were farmers from the windy North West Jutland? Perhaps your Danish ancestors were of noble descent and strolled down the cobblestones streets of one of the bigger Danish cities such as Copenhagen or Odense? Perhaps he was a wheelwright? Perhaps she was a dressmaker?  


Where to start researching your Danish heritage?

Best chances of finding out details? The chances of finding out detailed information are much better if you know your original Danish family name. Lots of immigrants changed their original danish name to make it easier to pronounce for Americans. For instance, if your great grandmother's name was Dorothy then there is a great chance that her original Danish name was Dorthe or Dorthea. Ask older family members if they have old letters, diaries etc.

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