Hørsholm Slotshave

Hørsholm Slotshave

Nowadays, the palace gardens constitute the park which encircles Hørsholm Church.

Previously, however, the area comprised the gardens around the now-demolished Hirschholm Palace. In the 1700s, these were neat baroque gardens oriented on a north/south axis. Hirschholm Palace was an imposing baroque structure designed by the architect Lauritz de Thurah. A visit to the nearby Hørsholm Museum of Local History will reveal the story of one of the most beautiful palaces in Europe, which served as the royal summer residence for a number of years. Following a series of royal scandals, the palace was abandoned and gradually fell into disrepair before being demolished around 1810.

Hørsholm Slotshave functioned as a nursery for the nearby Folehaveskoven forest for a number of years, but the present gardens were established at the beginning of the 20th century. The Danish Forest and Nature Agency has worked to restore the grounds since 1993, and has now succeeded in recreating part of the symmetry of the old baroque gardens.

A 1.5 km walk has been established in the palace gardens. The walk is suitable for people with walking difficulties as well as wheelchair users. A number of boards featuring information about the history of the gardens may be found in the area. A Danish-language leaflet entitled 'Vandreture i Folehaveskoven', which contains further information about the park, is available from the Danish Forest and Nature Agency.

Opening hours

01/01/2011 - 31/12/2011 Monday - Sunday

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