Huset is the settings for many cultural events in Aalborg. You can experience a wide variety of everything from opera, croquis-drawing, creative computering and underground music in Klub Husfred. Huset is open for everyone.

Huset hosts workshops, a gallery, concert halls and rehearsal studios. Furthermore, you will also find meeting facilities and room for conventions.

Huset's schedule and café 

Huset's schedule is filled with music, lectures and exhibitions. One of our most popular events during the summer time is the concerts each Thursday. Here the patio is filled with music and a lovely ambiance.

Huset also has a lovely café which serves many delicious dishes, amongst others a vegetarian buffet for lunch and dinner (with the opportunity to buy meat in the evening), cakes, pies, sandwiches, café latte, espresso and other delicious treats.

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Hasserisgade 10
9000 Aalborg


+45 99 82 45 00



Longitude : 9.910189
Latitude : 57.046756