Aarhus - host to the ICCA Scandinavian Conference 2013

ICCA Scandinavian Conference in Aarhus 4-5th March 2013

Aarhus is playing host to the annual ICCA Scandinavia Conference 2013 on 4-5th March 2013.
Thursday, January 10, 2013

Aarhus is playing host to the annual ICCA Scandinavia Conference 2013 on 4-5th March 2013. On the agenda will be the future development and possibilities of the recently launched Scandinavian Sustainability Index, The Digital Conference, and other ‘hot potatoes’ within the Meetings Industry.

- We look forward to greeting our fellow ICCA members in Aarhus and have lined up a programme packed with interesting topics and ample opportunity for professional networking and comprehensive and enjoyable discussions, says Peer H. Kristensen, Director of VisitAarhus Convention Bureau and current chapter chair. 

The ICCA Scandinavian Chapter has nearly 70 member organisations - national, regional and city convention bureaus, congress centres, PCO’s, hotels and agencies. Its aim is to bring together all Scandinavian members of ICCA, and through actions open to all ICCA members in the region, to contribute, in the widest sense to the development of all types of international meetings such as conferences, congresses, conventions and exhibitions within Scandinavia. 

Meet with AarhUS

Aarhus is a dynamic city on the Jutland peninsula in Denmark with 315,000 citizens and 1,2 million inhabitants living in the greater Aarhus Area. Future events and conferences taking place in this thriving city include, for example, the upcoming ICCA Scandinavia Conference and events related to becoming European Cultural Capital in 2017. Theme of the latter? - Rethink! Which the Aarhusians do all the time… 

Aarhus is a city of knowledge and education;  Aarhus University is ranked 51st in the world according to the Leiden University Ranking, and 33% of all Aarhusians hold a higher education making Aarhus the best educated city in Denmark. 

Aarhus also excels in key clusters of knowledge within public health, (renewable) energy, food, and agriculture. 87% of Denmark’s total wind energy revenue is created in the greater Aarhus area alone, and with 20,000 IT-jobs within a radius of 10 km, Aarhus is a hotspot for IT innovation too. Creativity also thrives with 330 architectural companies and 492 design-related companies located in the area and collaboration is a given; currently building projects worth more than 4 billion Euros are underway, creating among other things Northern Europe’s biggest hospital and an all-new part of town on the waterfront with room for 7,000 new inhabitants. 

With all the above in mind, Aarhus is an obvious backdrop for staging international meetings and conferences - so come Meet with AARHus!

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For matters concerning the ICCA conference contact

Kristian Rødbro at VisitAarhus Convention Bureau, +45 8731 5018, kr@visitaarhus.com

Media interested in covering the event contact

Anne Marie Barsoe at VisitDenmark via amb@visitdenmark.com