ICS – International Conference Services & Motivational Events -Probably the best DMC in Denmark.

ICS has for the last 20 years been creating successful Corporate Events and Conferences in Denmark and has an extensive experience in Congress and Meeting management. 
We have developed special environmental guidelines and will secure your Event in Denmark will get a great return on investment. 

We have the creative and innovative ideas for the Incentives and the Meeting logistics experience for smaller and large Conferences as well as fantastic rates and allotments in Copenhagen. 
And our greatest asset is our commitment, highly professional international staff supported by the latest technology. 

At ICS taking care of the small details is what makes the difference. It will be an absolute pleasure to work with us. 
Please take a look at our website www.ics-onl... for a long list of references and inspiration.

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Destination Management Companies, Event Companies and PCOs






P.O. Box 41 
DK-2900 Hellerup


Phone: +45 3946 0500
Fax: +45 3946 0515 
Mail: info@ics.dk 
Web: www.ics.dk

Contact person:

Per Ankaer