JOIN the Meetovation Training 2014

We look forward to welcoming our MINDevent delegates to Copenhagen and Denmark.

As a new initiative we are offering our MIND participants the unique opportunity to join our Meetovation course, starting just after the MINDevent. The course will be held at the Bella Sky Comwell Hotel and runs from the 4th -5th of December 2014. Because the course starts on the morning of the 4th of December, flights shall be booked with arrival on the evening of the 3rd.

As you have been specially invited, we will take care of the training programme as well as the hotel. Furthermore we will offer both breakfast and lunch during the training programme. Flights as well as dinner, is on your own expenses. If you are also participating in the MINDevent, your flights are covered.

From the Meetovation programme you can expect to

Become a strategic meeting planner
And learn how you can optimize your company's or clients' messages, values and objectives.

Learn new tools to create involving and engaging meetings
Strengthen your skills in developing meetings that provide greater profit for the organizer and the participants of the meeting

Get more out of your meeting budgets
Visualize the meeting as an investment rather than a cost

Become a better meeting advisor
Receive practical tools to challenge your decision makers or clients and strengthen your impact on developing better meetings.

... And much more.

Dive into the programme here.

See testimonial from our previously certified Meetovators here and if you are interested in the further information on the entire Meetovation concept visit the Meetovation site.

In case of cancellations after November 14th we will charge a 100 euro cancellation fee.

We have saved a limited amount of spaces for our delegates.

If you are interested in joining the Meetovation Training 2014 you can apply here.

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The meetovation concept

Meetovation guarantees return on investment by using four elements:

- Active involvement

- Responsible thinking

- Creative setup

- Local inspiration


Learn more about the key elements of Meetovation and start Meetovating your next meeting!

Curious to learn more?

Do not hesitate to contact the Meetovation coordinator, Mette Sattrup today.

4th -5th of December 2014.

The course start on the morning of the 4th, and runs to 4 PM on the 5th of December.

Please be aware that flights shall be booked with arrival on the evening of the 3rd.