At JyllandsAkvariet you get to watch, sense, and experience a wide variety of the many kinds of fish that live in the North Sea and Limfjorden. In our tropical section, you get to see the vicious piranhas, electric eels, and banded archerfish. Tickle a crab and pet a shark on its head; in our touch pools, you get up close to the fish and are welcome to give a hand feeding sharks, rays, and flatfish. Play in our kiddy u-boat and go on amber safari at our indoor beach with free find-it-yourself amber.

Go on seal safari by tractor-drawn wagon or with our glass-bottom-boat. The tractor-drawn wagon drives 2,4 km into Limfjorden, where use our binoculars watching the seals resting on the sand banks. If you choose the boat, you get to get really close to the seals and experience life in Limfjorden.

Amber safari with all year round amber guarantee: learn how, where, and when to find amber on the beach.

What’s New in 2017: Let your dog relax in our new dog lounge, while you experience Jyllandsakavariet and all we have to offer.

Open all year round – activities throughout the year.

Admission Price


89.00 DKK


79.00 DKK

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Vesterhavsgade 16
7680 Thyborøn


+45 9783 2808


  • Facilities

    • Activities for children
    • Packed lunch permitted
    • Museum shop/News stand
  • Subjects of the collections

    • Fishing



Longitude : 8.216417
Latitude : 56.705733