Klittens Put and Take

Fish Lake at approx. 11,000 sqm. located by a fish farm. One of the few saltwater lakes in Denmark. Fresh saltwater streams into the lake, and gives a great taste to the fish.

We postpone the new fishing daily, there and there may be in the lake caught rainbow trout, also called salmon trout, brown trout, and it is not uncommon to get caught flounder which certainly is worth putting his teeth in. The size of the exposed fish are very rare in 1 kg and probably just as rare over 6 kg.

By visiting dune Dambrug you are welcome to go sight seeing on the lake or at the fish farm, but we note that it is strictly forbidden to throw stones or other objects in the water and all traffic

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Sønder Klitvej 53
6960 Hvide Sande



Longitude : 8.1468669999
Latitude : 55.961709