Kunst uden Rammer (Art)

Enjoy art in its abstract and free form at the gallery Kunst uden Rammer (Frameless Art), which hosts both local artists and has guests exhibits. The gallery displays paintings, collages, reliefs of glass, handmade jewelry and pottery, as the philosophy is that art is individual.

Galleri Kunst uden Rammer (Art without frames) is a gallery composed of six artists. The artists work individually in their own studios and make collective exhibits at the gallery.

Kunst uden Rammer is just right if you like to take your time and lose yourself in art. At Galleri Kunst uden Rammer, a nice experience in a warm atmosphere is a guarantee, and you can always have a chat about the art and the artists in the gallery along with a cup of coffee.

Kunst uden Rammer wishes to cover a wide field and have a wide appeal, so the artists in the gallery create both paintings, photographs, jewelry, glassware, wickerwork and much more.

For more information, call +45 98 35 10 18 or visit Kunst uden Rammer's website



Opening hours

01/11/2016 - 01/01/2020 Friday 14:00 - 17:30
01/11/2016 - 01/01/2020 Saturday 10:00 - 13:30
01/11/2016 - 01/01/2020 Sunday 13:00 - 16:00

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Mellemgade 7b
9240 Nibe


+45 98351018


+45 40585817


  • Art form

    • Jewellery making
    • Pottery



Longitude : 9.636342
Latitude : 56.982094999