Lille Vildmose Visitor Centre

Lille Vildmose Visitor Center introduces exciting, interactive exhibits for kids and adults about the nature and culture of the bog. Watch a movie about the bog in the cinema, take a flight in the eagle simulator and play on the new nature playground.

Exciting exhibits
In the exhibits, you can learn more about why the bog is one of the oldest landscapes of Denmark, people's relationship with the bog throughout time and learn more about the animals and plants of the bog.

The exhibits are divided into four parts
- The birth of the bog
- The bog and the people
- The plants and animals of the bog
- Experiences in the bog

It is also possible to produce and see live pictures from cameras mounted in the unique forests, Tofte and Høstemark as well as Toftesø. You can also see the plants and small animals of the bog in the exploratorium. Finally, there are a number of events taking place at Lille Vildmose Visitor Center - among others, guided bus tours.

Need a meal before exploring?
Should you need a refreshment or a meal before you go exploring in the bog, the Visitor Center also has Café Soldug where you can find light courses, desserts, grill and open face sandwiches.

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