Meetovation: Making Denmark the best place to meet

We know your time is valuable. So when we meet, time has to be spent well.

That is why key players in the Danish meetings industry have come together to create Meetovation.

Meetovation takes a creative, engaging and well documented approach to meetings.

The goal? To create value and increase the return on your investment!

It's proven. Meetovation increases learning, boosts energy and helps create the change you want in your participants.

Get started. On this website you 'll find easy-to-use tools and cases to get the most out of your meeting. 

Meetovation will change the way you do meetings.

Watch the Meetovation movie

Danish Meeting Design

Meetovation is a meeting design concept for those who want value for money when investing in meetings. We help you design meetings, for which the value is clear and ROI high.

The Danish meeting industry has been working together on a promise to its customers: A promise to create fruitful meetings that raises the bar for meetings.

Read the Meetovation Manifesto

Meetings must provide valuable experiences. The participants should leave your meeting with a sense of 'This was valuable for me!'. Only then will your meeting create value.

Design your meeting

Dive into the Meetovation design tool. Based on the characteristics of your meeting, you will get inspiration on how you can can hold better and more rewarding meetings.