Metalskolen i Jørlunde

Borge Jorgensen (1926-1998) was Denmark's Steel King. "All that we can say is that innovation, renewal and more expertise are his personal aims. He is not interested in laurels and success. What counts for him is a challenge in artistic expression and materials, satisfying his dynamic way of life and artistic performance." Knud Voss
Art in the landscape. Metalskolen - a large conference & convention centre & hotelis situated on one of the most beautifull and highest hills in Northern Zealand: Stenesknold. Right in front of the main building en exciting, modern metal sculpture is to be seen. The sculpture reflects the light and colours of the sky and of the time year and at the same time the huge, but elegant figure is slowly and silently turning according to the direction of the wind. This is Land Art at it's best!

The sculpture is best seen from the public road, Slagslundevej. Please note, the sculpture is placed in a private park, to which there are no access for the public except if booked and accepted in advance!

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Slagslundevej 13
3550 Slangerup



Longitude : 12.196724
Latitude : 55.82494