denmark beach

Beach holidays in Denmark: Europe's best kept secret!

No matter where you are in Denmark, you’ll never be more than 50km from the sea. And with over 7,000km of coastline, it’s hardly surprising that beach holidays are a popular part of Danish culture. So consider a beach holiday in Denmark!

Loekken beach

Find your dream beach in Denmark

Summers can be lovely and hot in Denmark and with this much coastline around the mainland and many islands, there’s always room for everyone at the beach. No endless rows of sunbeds and rushing to find the best spot here. Days at the beach in Denmark are easy and relaxing, whether you want space to enjoy the beach with your children or find your own peaceful spot to lie back on.

Beach West Jutland

Voted Denmark's Best Beach

Søndervig Beach in West Jutland was recently named Best Beach in Denmark, knocking another fabulous stretch of fine white sand, Marielyst Beach, off the top spot after three years! Søndervig has been a popular holiday resort on the North Sea for over 100 years and continues to draw holiday-makers to its dynamic dunes and wide sandy beach.



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