Nibe Brewery

Nibe Brewery produces speciality beer, brewed with respect for the old traditions and craftsmanship. All the beer from Nibe brewery is not filtered or pasteurised which means that the best taste from the chosen ingredients is preserved. Besides malt, hops, yeast, and water, the beer only contains natural flavour additives such as spices and honey.  

Selection of Beer
The Brewery produces a range of beer, some beers are part of the standard selection, others are seasonal brews. The five brews in the standard selection are:
Styrbord – Stout – Dark Ale 6% alcohol (Brewed with two different types of barley malt)

Clipper – Pale Ale 5.5% alcohol (Brewed with Rooibush tea from South Africa)

Bagbord – Pilsner, 4.5% alcohol (Brewed with love for the German brewing traditions)

Thetis – Honey Ale 6.5% alcohol (Brewed with South American orange blossom honey) In addition, there is also a Christmas beer available.  

Spile- Light Ale 2.8% alcohol. Aromatic Pale Ale.

Besides the standard selection of beer, the Brewery produces seasonal brews, including their Christmas Beer, Julefabel, and Spring brew, Forårsbryg. 

Guided Tours of the Brewery
You can book a guided tour of the brewery, where the processes of brewing will be explained. This is followed by a beer tasting, where you will taste 5-6 seasonal brews while listening to more about the different beer types and their histories. Contact the Brewery for further information and booking (In Danish).

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