No More Frozen Feet

Round Tower's spiral ramp Begin your day by exploring the fascinating Round Tower located at 53, Købmagergade. Children generally love struggling their way up the spiral ramp that winds itself around the hollow core of the tower. Let the older kids run ahead, while you push the younger ones in a pram. On the last leg of the ascent, you need to carry your younger children up a short flight of stairs. There is an excellent view of the city from the top, and it’s perfectly safe! Phones, cell phones and fun Back down on the street, it’s only a few minutes walk to the Post & Tele Museum/House of Communication at 37, Købmagergade. Give your children the opportunity to find out more about how people communicated in the era before computers, emails, and mobile phones. See the pumpkin-shaped stage coach that used to deliver mail to people’s houses in the 19th century, board one of the old railway cars where postal workers would be busy sorting mail all night as the train crisscrossed the country, take a closer look at the Nimbus motorcycles that were used for mail deliveries in the 1950s, and marvel at the dimensions of an early mobile phone. Lunch options On the top floor of the building, you will find the Café Hovedtelegrafen. The café has lift access and there is plenty of room for a pram. If anyone needs a nap, there is a roof terrace just outside where you can safely park the pram. The café offers delicious lunch menus for the entire family, and there are several boxes of toys for your kids to play with. Another lunch option would be the Skildpadden Café & Sandwich Bar, 9, Gråbrødre Torv. From Købmagergade, continue down Løvstræde to the beautiful cobblestone square. This eatery is really something out of the ordinary and always a big hit with the kids. They get to pile their own sandwiches high with many kinds of bread, cold cuts, and toppings to choose from. No restrictions. And no hurry! The walls are decorated with turtles in all shades and colours (“skildpadde” is the Danish word for turtle), and even the bathrooms are worth writing home about. Enjoy yourselves!

Opening hours

01/01/2011 - 31/12/2020 Monday - Sunday

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