Nørre Hedegård

Nørre Hedegård is an unusually well-preserved village from the Iron Age. For a period of 700 years, the village was situated on a hill by the large sport and event centre Gigantium. The oldest traces from the buildings originate from year 600 B.C., while the youngest are from year 200 A.D.

The remnants of the houses therefore lie in different layers on top of each other. The house most well-preserved originates from year 0.

Stone circles, fire place and postholes can be seen exactly on the place and in the level where the things were found.

The house is around 90m2, of which half was used for animals. The large family of 5-8 persons had to share the rest of the house. The house was made of mud-built basketwork and an edge of turf was laid along the outer wall.

Oak posts mark where the original posts in the house were placed. The house wall itself is marked with a small rampart and you can see the stone entrance on the southern side of the house.

Three tables with relevant information on the findings have been placed next to the house.

Nørre Hedegård can be reached by car, bicycle, on foot or by bus no. 2.

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