February 21, 2018 - Oysters at Halen

Unfortunately we have been told that some persons have become sick after eating oysters collected at Halen. Until further notice we therefore advise you not to collect oysters at Halen or eat them



Oysters are a delicacy, which is found in abundance in the Wadden Sea around Fanoe. At low tide, after a 5-10 minute walk on the seabed, they are there - ready to be picked up!

Oyster season starts in autumn until spring. Try one of our oyster safari tours with a guide. We will show you how to find them, how to open them, taste them and give good tips for recipes. Moreover, you are welcome to bring home as many oysters as you can carry. Wellingtons can be rented.

The oyster you find in the Wadden Sea is the Pacific Oyster, that originates from Japan and Southeast Asia. It is a meaty oyster and very tasteful - raw as well as cooked.

The first year the Pacific oyster grow up to 100 mm. Oysters with a diameter up 30 cm has been found. The Pacific oyster filers 8-10 liters of water an hour (mussels approx 2 liters an hour).

Oysters can be cooked in many different ways. They can, of course, be eaten raw, but grilled oysters are also very tasty. In the book "Naturen til bords", there are many good recipes for oysters. The book can be bought in Fanoe's Tourist Office and it is translated into English and German from Danish.


Is it possible to eat oysters all year round?

Oysters survive by the algae that the filter from the water. During summer the water temperature can be that high, that toxic algae might accumulate in the oysters.

There is an old saying: during months with an R in it, it is possible to eat oysters (that is from September until April). However, it is always dependent on the water temperature. So the season may vary from year to year.

If you are in doubt - then ask one of the guides making oyster tours.

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