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All Cadillacs 2024

Now you can experience All Cadillac as they visit the West Coast and take all cars on a crushing tour of the area

Now you can experience the many fantastic vintage cars when Cadillac Club Denmark visits the North Sea and drives from Blåvand to Henne Strand and back again.

10.00: Exhibition of the cars at the church in Blåvand
11.00: Collective departure from Blåvand on the cruise.
11.25: Drive past the lookout point at Kjelst
11.40: Drive through Billum By
11.50: Drive through Janderup By
12.10: Drive through Henne Stationsby
12.20: Driving through Henne Strand By
12.25: Arrival at Cafe Stranden, where you park in the car park
13.30: Departure from Cafe Stranden

The times for driving through are indicative, and many spectators must be expected both in Blåvand and Henne Strand.

The event will take place: Saturday the 8th of June 2024