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Art at Skjern Windmill

This summer, Skjern Windmill offers a unique experience for the whole family. You can come and see art and culture in the granary. Volunteer millers from Ringkøbing Fjord Museums are also ready to talk about the history of wind power and the technology behind the wind turbine.

Skjern Windmill has stood proudly in the landscape of West Jutland for more than 100 years and has been in three different locations. The careful restoration has preserved the mill's historic character and authentic details from a time when wind power really became an important energy source.

Every Sunday, volunteer artists display their work in the old granary. This gives visitors an extra dimension of local culture and creativity while enjoying the historic atmosphere of the mill.

Every Monday during the school summer holidays you can also experience the impressive windmill in action as the large blades turn in the wind and the mills grind flour.

Opening hours for Skjern Windmill 2024:
1 July - 5 August
Mondays 11-15 - The windmill is running
Sundays 13-17 - Artists showcase their artworks