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Cheese Copenhagen 2023

It will be the year's biggest celebration of Danish organic cheese culture when the Dairy Association and Ost & ko invite you to Cheese Copenhagen 2023 with a special focus on ecology and diversity.

On September 16th, you can join the big cheese celebration in Torvehallerne, when Denmark's largest cheese festival kicks off. Cheese Copenhagen2023 is a free festival where you can experience, listen and taste your way to the current status of Danish cheese culture and all the new trends in Danish cheese production.

Fierce domestic and international competition and the increasing awareness of climate and biodiversity require new thinking from dairies and farmers in Denmark. The results are emerging in the form of innovative cheeses, bold product ranges such as terroir-driven single-farm products and cheeses specially designed to replace meat in the meal.
For the occasion, Torvehallerne will be divided into 10 areas where guests can taste 75 carefully selected cheeses from all over the country and learn about organic produce.

On the festival's "Ost&" stage, you can participate in tastings with Rasmus Holmgård, cheese expert at Ost & Ko, cooking school with chef Thomas Alcayga and exciting talks about green meals and willingness to change with Louise Beck Brønnum, partner and gastrophysicist at Kost CPH, Marie Hertz, chef and teacher at CulinaH and Suhrs Højskole, and Leif Friis Jørgensen, CEO of Naturmælk.

Ost & ko is the Danish Dairy Association's cheese culture campaign, which aims to inform, educate and inspire Danes about and within Danish cheeses, cheese culture and Danish dairy entrepreneurship.

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