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Clay cosiness for young and old at Leymus

We offer adult-child clay fun, spinning pot course and open workshop

Come and be creative at Leymus. There's a wood-burning stove, coffee and lemonade on tap. If you book in advance, you can get Leymus' delicious freshly baked carrot bun sandwiches with cheese and/or hamburger.

  • The works will be finished and you are responsible for picking them up, either during opening hours or by appointment.
  • The turntables require a "driving licence" and are not toys for children. You can get a licence by attending a turning or FOF course in Leymus.

Cup course - start at 10:
Make your very own personalised cup/mug and enjoy some creative hours in the world of ceramics.
Includes stoneware clay, tuition and a beautiful glaze. Extra clay will be charged. Shipping costs extra.

Make bowls and dishes with beautiful patterns. Plate technique for older children and adults - starts at 11:
You will get an introduction to working with clay, how to roll out, mould and "glue" elements on your works. We have various items for making patterns, but you can also bring your grandmother's crocheted Christmas hearts, beautiful leaves or similar to conjure patterns. The clay is white, but you can decorate with staining (clay colour) - after pre-firing, we give your pieces a clear glaze. If you want a different glaze, this must be agreed and may cost extra.

Circle pots intro - start at 12:
Circle pots are beautiful and easy to make. Roll out clay to form a base, add a name stamp and then you can start gluing on snails and other patterns. We make the sausages for you in a "sausage press" - it's really easy.

Mum-child clay fun - start at 13:00:
After a short introduction, let your imagination run wild! In this workshop, we'll work with hand modelling and plating techniques. You'll get an introduction to hand modelling and small bowls that can be decorated with pottery. After that, you're on your own, but of course there's always help and guidance available.

Open workshop:
If you have your own workshop, you are more than welcome to take the opportunity to come and work on your things for a small fee on your trip card.

These activities require registration. Read more here www.leymus.art