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The Basque-inspired restaurant Contento offers a variety of pintxos, from traditional to creative, in a cosy 'contento' atmosphere.

Pintxos are the backbone of Basque food and are served in bars and cafés throughout the Basque Country in northern Spain. Pinxtos traditionally consist of small finger sandwiches typically served on a small slice of bread with a toothpick in the centre. However, with the development of Basque cuisine, pintxos have become much more diverse, and today only some of them are still held together by the toothpick.

In true northern Spanish spirit, Contento serves pintxos in many different ways. Here you can get the traditional pintxos, on thin slices of bread with delicious and tasty toppings that change from day to day, Spanish tortillas, and many other delicious small dishes that are best savoured with your fingers.

Contento means happy in Spanish and the happy life is encapsulated throughout the restaurant's atmosphere. The atmosphere is informal, with a focus on the cosiness around the Spanish delicacies. Although it is traditional in the Basque Country to go from pintxos bar to pintxos bar, the atmosphere at Contento invites you to stay the entire evening.

The man behind the restaurant is Mathias Silberbauer, who has been serving classic French bistro dishes with a focus on seafood at Silberbauers Bistro in Jærgersborggade since 2021. Contento started next-door of Silberbauers Bistro, but has since moved to fresh premises in Ryesgade, not far from the hip Ravnsborggade neighbourhood.