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Drone Race Løkken

Drone Race Løkken will take place on the local school in Løkken where drone pilots gather for the race in Pentecost 2024. Join us for a rush, hot beats, and cool gadgets when Dronesport Denmark visits Løkken.

Drone Racing is a sport in huge growth, where the fight is to get through the course first and fastest with a drone. Actually, much as we know it from the motorsport, but with drones in the air.


- Drone Race: Follow along as some of the country's most skilled and committed drone pilots race for first place. Experience the race at Løkken School, where the special drone arena has been built.

- Workshop: Try flying a racing drone yourself and hear about how to build a drone from scratch.

- DJ: All Saturday there will be a good beat, so there is an extra good atmosphere during the race.

Sports commentator: Sports commentator Lars Bech visits Drone Race Løkken. Lars Bech promises to create an extra dimension when he keeps the spectators up to date with the progress of the race!

- Meet the pilots and hear about the different models and watch them fly

- Street food: Visit the food stalls for the drone race, which ensure that there is a selection of food and drink during the days at reasonable prices.

Drone racing is a sport in which each participant, called a pilot, controls his own drone, which is equipped with a camera using VR goggles. The camera allows the pilot to see what the drone "sees" through the goggles. This is what makes it possible to get through a track as quickly. Drone racing is actually very similar to racing cars and other vehicles. The difference here is just that it takes place in the air.

The courses in drone races are different depending on which league you participate in.

For Whit Saturday Dronesport Danmark flies at Løkken Skole with gates that the drones must pass through.