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Enter the world of birds in Naturkraft

In Naturkraft, guests are taken right into the world of birds. Here you can experience spring in West Jutland from a bird's eye view

We are surrounded by birds in West Jutland, especially in the spring when we can hear them singing and they are busy building nests for their young. This spring, you can learn more about the world and history of the birds of West Jutland at Naturkraft.

Get an overview of the spring activities at Naturkraft here:

Build your own bird box to take home to your garden

Although birds are fantastic nest builders, they can be challenged by a lack of habitat. Build your own bird box to take home and create a space where birds can thrive and be useful helpers in your garden. Read more her

Become king of the birds by solving fun tasks

Now you can become king of the birds if you can solve three fun tasks: Are you a good bird shooter, do you have insight into the unique building skills of birds and can you identify the birds in the lake?
Once you've completed all three tasks, you can earn a badge that makes you a true 'Bird King'. Read more here

Get exciting stories about the birds of West Jutland

Our interpreters are ready with exciting stories about people and birds in West Jutland. Hear the story of the invention of ringing in Denmark and delve into the fascinating past and history of the mute swan, where you can hear why mute swans used to be known as 'Stauning geese' in West Jutland. Read more here

Learn more about the mute swan

Want to know more about the marvellous world and life of the mute swan in West Jutland? Explore exciting artefacts and be fascinated by Denmark's national bird, which both impresses and inspires respect with its majestic size. Read more about the exhibition

Other activities

As always, you can go on one of Naturkraft's exciting expeditions, explore the indoor exhibitions and get a fulldome experience of West Jutland's wild wind adventure

Harvest herbs and bake your own herb bread

It is becoming increasingly popular to collect herbs from the Danish countryside and use them in cooking, for example in the form of pestos, herbal salts or directly as flavourings in food. During the Kr. Ascension Day holiday, you can try it yourself at Naturkraft, when you can forage directly from Naturkraft's own pantry and give your herb bread a unique flavour. You can find fennel, wild garlic and chives, among others. Smell and taste the different herbs, find your favourites and experience how the herbs give an extra and special flavour to the bread - and you can actually bake herbal bread during the rest of May and June. Read more here

Opening hours
Naturkraft is open Tuesday to Sunday 11.00-16.00 in May and June.
Please note that there are more opening days than shown below - Read more here