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Guided tours at Stauning Whiskey - kopi - kopi - kopi - kopi

Unique experience for all senses. Experience the sound, the scents and the atmosphere in a whiskey distillery, where you can get really close to all parts of the production.

Guided tours Monday to Saturday - see all schedules and book here.

It sounds like the beginning of a classic joke when you ask what four engineers, a teacher, a chef, a butcher, a pilot and a doctor have in common. It's far from a joke, however, because the answer is Stauning Whisky. A small distillery in the far west that has grown over time and made everyone's noses turn towards the smell of malt. Join us on a discovery and journey through Stauning's whisky production. Hear the story of their adventure and get up close to every step of the production. From the floor malting of the Danish barley and rye to distillation in the 24 copper pot stills. Meanwhile, enjoy the beautiful architecture of the new distillery, where the emphasis is on both soul and openness. Finish the experience by tasting three different types of whisky. A unique experience for all the senses, where you can see, feel, smell and taste.