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Heart//Socle du Monde x Højhuset

May 24 - 26, 2024

The Socle du Monde Art Festival – DO IT! is a series of exhibitions spread across multiple locations. Six of the festival's artworks can also be experienced at Højhuset throughout the festival period, which runs from May 24 to November 24.

In May, six female Danish artists will reside in Højhuset and work on their pieces, which will be displayed at selected places inside and outside the building. The artists are working under the theme; DO IT rewilding.

The artists are: Olga Benedicte, Ajarose Stinee Solvild, Regitze Engelsborg Karlsen, Ida Schrader, Ida Raselli, Sonja Strange. Theo Jansen, a Dutch artist, will also display one of his "strandbeests" on one of Højhuset's grass areas.

Højhuset will be part of the opening weekend from May 24-26, and during the festival period, events will take place that highlight the artworks in different ways. All the pieces at Højhuset can be viewed throughout the period during the hotel's normal opening hours.