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The Kings' Hunt 2024 - Historical Event at Esrum Abbey

Join the Kings' Hunt at Esrum Abbey on September 29, 2024, and experience the history of kings, horses, and hunting brought to life through a series of exciting activities for the whole family.

On this day, the history of royal horse breeding and hunting traditions will be revived at Esrum Abbey and Mill Farm, the setting for this unique event.

The area around Esrum Abbey has a rich history of horse breeding dating back to the Middle Ages. After the Reformation, Frederick II established Denmark's first royal stud farm at the abbey, and the Frederiksborg horse became recognized as one of the finest breeds in Europe.

The event includes, among other things, hunting on horseback, where nearly 100 riders in red jackets ride through Gribskov with 35 jumps and obstacles. Visitors can also look forward to pony rides, wild food, horse-drawn carriage rides, and a range of other activities for both children and adults.

The Kings' Hunt was first held last year under the shining autumn sun and attracted many visitors to Esrum Abbey and Mill Farm. This year, the success will be repeated, and we look forward to a day filled with historical experiences and activities for the whole family.

At the event on September 29 from 10 AM to 3 PM, you can experience:

  • Hunting on horseback with 100 riders in red jackets
  • Lectures and guided tours
  • Historical workshops and activities
  • Horse-drawn carriage rides and pony rides
  • Cooking over open fire with wild food
  • Various food and drink stalls

Admission to the event is free, and everyone is welcome.