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Kulturhavn Festival

Kulturhavn Festival is an annual event that brings art, culture, and movement to the harbor. With curiosity and enthusiasm, the festival explores the city's blue-green oases and invites the audience to go on adventure in the city's new and very different harbor districts.

In the last weekend of August, you can indulge in a sea of activities and cultural experiences, all revolving around the harbor and the water.

The harbor holds a special part of Copenhagen's history and has transitioned from an industrial port to a blue, recreational area with many activities and havens. At Kulturhavn Festival, you can explore both the harbor's past and the current urban development in Copenhagen's new harbor districts.

Every year, the city's cultural creators are invited to dive into the blue spaces along the harbor and contribute with what they do best – bringing people together and creating unique experiences that inspire, entertain, and challenge us.

The festival is always free and offers experiences for everyone. As a festival guest, you will experience existing communities and the opportunity to immerse yourself in workshops, movement, and guided excursions in the harbor. You can experience music, theater, and poetry and exciting projects that live and thrive in and around Copenhagen’s harbor.

Kulturhavn Festival is presence, togetherness, and adventure in the blue urban spaces and a chance to bring a new perception of the harbor home with you.

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