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Madmødet 2024: WELCOME TO THE NORTH SEA CUISINE in the open field

Experience an enchanting evening of local delicacies and sweet treats. THEEMATIC MENU: Local organic produce and specialities presented in a flavourful and sweet symphony under the open sky

We proudly present a unique menu composed of products from seven of our fantastic local producers, each contributing their expertise:

  • Gooseberry pesto with madbrød from Gårdbageren
  • French bread with delicious honey from Bigaarden mellem Hav & Hede
  • Goat cheese from Nørgård Geder with biscuits and blackcurrant jam
  • Rib cake and blackcurrant roulade from Gårdbageren
  • Organic gooseberry ice cream from Hveddegård Is
  • Selection of cookies with Gårdbagerens coffee from Hedekaffe.

This gastronomic experience will not only indulge your taste buds, but also focus on collaboration, sustainability and biodiversity.

It will be possible to buy products from the producers (co-organisers) on the evening/day:

  • Gårdbageren sells bread, cakes and jam
  • Bigaarden mellem Hav & Hede sells honey
  • Hveddegård Is sells farmhouse ice cream
  • Vesterhavsmost sells a selection of apple juice
  • Økoladen sells cheeses from Nørgård Geder and juices from Søbogård as well as home-produced organic vegetables

Price: 180 DKR for adults, children up to 12 years at half price. Open for bookings

Time: Tuesday the 21st of May, 19:30; Thursday the 23rd of May, 18:00 and Saturday the 25th of May, 14:30.

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